Feeling for Clogged Ductwork

In the world of spiral and oval ductwork, people have found extremely strange and unexpected things blocking their ducts: massive beehives, incompetent criminals, and more news worthy items. Since your spiral ducts are usually out of sight and out of mind, how do you know if your ducts are being blocked and need to be cleaned? To ensure everything runs smoothly, we have created a list of some common causes of clogged ductwork to keep in mind and how to keep them debris free.


Dust can easily accumulate if you have furniture or other decor blocking your ducts. Make sure to dust the vents regularly as it can build up and compromise the airflow of the entire system. To cut down on dust make sure to keep furnishings at least a foot away from the vent at all times.

Dirty Air Filters

A clean air filter is important for maintaining good indoor air quality, an efficient HVAC machine, and lower energy bills. No one wants dust and dirt accumulating in your home, so make sure to change your air filter about every month or so. A good tip for changing your air filter is to write the date you changed it on the filter itself in pencil, and when you can barely read the date it is time to get a replacement.

Gaps and Holes

In a typical house, about 20 to 30% of the air that moves within the oval ducting is lost because of leaks, holes, and poorly connected oval duct fittings. These holes easily let in dirt and debris, so you may want to look into getting a duct repair right away. It is pretty rare for ducts to just disconnect, so if you notice this consider speaking to a professional who can possibly figure out the cause of the problem.

Closed Zone Dampers

Your HVAC system uses zone dampers in the ductwork as a way to control the air flow in your home. A closed zone damper will completely shut off a total duct and hamper your home’s entire airflow. So check to make sure they are all open when trying to find out the culprit of the clog.

Your spiral ducts can become blocked at any time, so keep an eye out for these common culprits of clogged ductwork and you will have nothing to worry about.

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