Exposed Spiral Duct HVAC

Many property owners, especially those with a taste for industrial design, are aware of the architectural design properties exposed HVAC ductwork can offer. Spiral ducts and spiral duct fittings, in particular, have recently been making a statement in commercial buildings and stores.

Exposed spiral ductwork offers a creative and contemporary industrial aesthetic for any space. However, the question remains whether or not this move for exposed spiral ducting is merely an aesthetic choice or if there’s functional reasoning behind it.

The following are just a few reasons why the use of spiral duct products is not only a favorable choice for the interior designer in all of us but also a favorable choice for the practical needs of the building.

  1. Spiral ductwork is budget-friendly. Spiral duct installation often costs up to 50% less than the installation of a rectangular duct. This includes the installation of the parts, warehousing, transportation, waste disposal, packaging, and the product itself.
  2. Spiral ductwork is easier to clean. It’s always a good idea to have your ductwork regularly inspected and cleaned to keep your HVAC system energy efficiency and your air quality high. In many facilities, cleaning your ductwork may not be a choice, but a requirement. Spiral ducts make cleaning that much easier by having cleaning methods readily available and approved by the professionals.
  3. Spiral ductwork offers less air leakage. When air leaks along your duct joints, it can cause reduced energy efficiency in your HVAC system. It can also cause poor air quality in your building, causing those who work or live on the property to become sick. Spiral ducts are often self-sealing and its airtight duct joints make air leakage an afterthought.
  4. Spiral ductwork is quieter than other products. The spiral design of spiral ductwork helps to equalize the pressure as the air flows through the ducts. This not only allows for greater energy efficiency but also reduces the amount of noise that can result from reverberated air pressure.
  5. Spiral ductwork requires no additional space. Many property owners understand the frustrations an incorrect measurement can create. When using rectangular ductwork in an HVAC system, the duct requires an additional space of up to three inches so the reinforcements and connections can be accurately made at each joint in the system. However, with spiral ductwork, there’s no need to remember these additional measurements.

Spiral ductwork is currently one of the top selling products in the HVAC market due to its industrial and contemporary aesthetic and its practical properties. For more information on spiral ductwork for your property, contact DC Duct and Sheet Metal today.

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